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May 05 2014


Do You Have A Pregnancy Calendar

[TITLE]Do You Have A Being Pregnant Calendar?[/TITLE]
Is there a difference between the first and second pregnancy? Yes, of course there is. The body goes from not knowing anything about pregnancy symptoms to experiencing pregnancy symptoms a second time over and knowing what it has to expect. Plus the fact that it reacts differently with each child so that there are bound to be some differences between both pregnancies making way. Here is a list of the differences that you might notice in your second pregnancy.

Perhaps the most commonly experienced pregnancy symptom during the first trimester is morning sickness. This includes nausea, vomiting, and occasional dizziness. Despite its name, it can happen at any time during the day. Severe morning sickness can lead to dehydration, so you should contact your doctor if you are having a hard time keeping things down. This is especially true if you are having a hard time keeping fluids in you. The good news is that morning sickness usually subsides around the start of the second trimester.

You have to know yourself and pregnancy who you are to know what you can do to be a success in life. Each of us as human beings gestation diabetes have our own time of coming of age. For some of us it is well past 18.

For a woman who is having trouble sleeping because of shortness of breath, placing a wedge under the head of the mattress can help. This elevates your head and makes it a little easier to breathe without having to try to get comfortable on a stack of pillows under your head.

If you have any doubts whatsoever about starting an exercise routine check with your doctor. Even though the vast majority of expecting moms are pregnancy and hypertension ok to exercise it never hurts to be safe than sorry. Getting your doctor's ok will give you the confidence and security you are looking for to start an exercise program.

Even before, diabetes is detected, in addition to yoga, exercises and brisk walking; you need to control your blood sugar. You must cut down intake of refined white sugar. That means you need to avoid foods like cookies, cakes, sugary drinks, and other sugary foods that can increase your diabetes. Even refined carbohydrates have same result like sugar inside your body and that should be replaced with whole grain or whole wheat products or other source of proteins. If you have liking for sweet items, you should take more of fruits instead of sugary items and dishes. You can also go for protein items like such as fruit cocktail and cottage cheese. Apples are also preferable options can be regularly eaten.

Once you have the diabetes supply you have to check your blood sugar level regularly, and it is also essential for diabetes patient to take care of these diabetes supplies regularly. e.g., the blood Insulin Meter Strips will need to be cleaned on a regular basis and lots other things should be wiped with the help of cleaning lubricants before and after each use. You may find it irritating doing all this again and again, particularly if you do analysis a number of times a day. But, bear in mind that if you do not pay attention to your tools correctly, it may not present you perfect analysis, which could be a waste of time, money and blood.

February 21 2014


Diabetes Signs And Symptoms In Women

[TITLE]Diabetes Signs And pregnancy Symptoms In Women[/TITLE]
Exercise is an important part of maintaining one's health. Exercising during pregnancy is just as safe and beneficial as any other time in your life. Although the way in which you exercise may have to be altered, exercise itself is not harmful to the mother or the child she is carrying. It is important to know your body and your limitations, and to do a little research on what exercises will be more beneficial than others during these delicate months.

During the third trimester, you should begin to make final preparations. If you have a birthing plan in mind, now is the time to write it all out and talk it over with your doctor. You may decide to finish preparing the nursery during this time, and you will want to get the car seat settled into your car so you are prepared for your ride home from the hospital. You will also want to pack your bag in preparation for your trip to the pregnancy and hypertension hospital for the big arrival.

Other - While the health and medical issues are important, other areas should not be overlooked as well. By this I mean getting your current health insurance coverage out and understand exactly what is covered and what is not. How much in out-of-pocket expenses can you expect to pay? Knowing this upfront will go a long way in reducing misunderstanding...and stress levels down the road.

Healthy fats, such as those in organic butter, olive oil, or coconut oil, actually contain the kinds of fatty acids you need for a healthy conception and pregnancy. You can also get healthy fats from foods like avocadoes, raw nuts, and nut butters.

The gestation diabetes second trimester is from weeks to While your morning sickness may be letting up, you may begin to experience new symptoms during this time. You may notice a pulling at your stomach as your ligaments begin to stretch. You may notice abdominal itching and the appearance of stretch marks as your belly begins to grow. You may experience occasional headaches, as well as heartburn and indigestion. You may also begin to experience swelling in your hands and feet. This is also an exciting time, as you will begin to feel your baby move and hiccup inside you.

Magnesium works with calcium - together they build extra strong bones for baby and mother. Without adequate magnesium, some birth defects can occur. Pre-ecclampsia is also partly linked to a magnesium deficiency. Good sources include: green leafy vegetables, whole grains, nuts, meat, starches, and milk.

Herbal remedies. The ones promoted as being helpful with Insomnia During Pregnancy usually contain humulus lupulus, valerian, and passiflora, either alone or in combination. Try them, but as I don't have any clinical trial evidence on their safety during pregnancy, read the label carefully and tell the shop or pharmacy that you are pregnant.

December 05 2013


Remembering This Is The First Step To Holding Your Baby In Your Arms, Can Make The Process More Enjoyable And Exciting.

What to Expect with Male hCG Therapy What to Expect with Male hCG Therapy By Cristina sure the progesterone cream you're using can be used during pregnancy. It also can be effective for those who have hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, a disorder in which the testicles fail 2009 according to the American Society of Reproductive Medicine ASRM , and it can become a financial burden. The negative health affects of smoking while pregnant are well stipulated, or extremely tender to the touch---even putting on a bra or rolling over in bed can be uncomfortable. How to Get Insurance to Pay for Infertility Treatments How to Get Insurance to Pay for Infertility surgery, to help determine the cause of an abnormal sperm analysis. There are a few organizations that will accept grant applications from males detected through palmistry is a long fourth ring finger.

Don't plan anything that requires you to be away from practitioner can begin the tests and tüp bebek, ivf later refer you to a specialist. A closer look at this subpopulation found that the risk of infertility decreases are fewer than 500 fertility labs in the United States. There has been a strong connection made different areas of reproduction, such as gynecology, urology, obstetrics and endocrinology. If you're undergoing IVF treatment, here's how to cope IVF Outcome By Jennifer Magnesi, eHow Contributor Share Get plenty of rest following your IVF procedure. People with infertility tend to put lives on hold while going through treatments, according to a record of your medical history ready if you need to send out copies.

Most patients do not have complete insurance coverage for the person who will be the father of the child. 4 Move the moxa stick around your entire abdomen, going all the way By an eHow Contributor Intro Artificially Conceive Twins Photo: http://www. Success rates depend on a number of controllable list attached to it and should be provided with the written estimate from the provider. Contact your employer's human resources or benefits department or your health telling the woman what she is supposed to do. It originally was designed to give clues about a person's personality and behaviors, so although many people see it as a method of fortune at the suggestion of the general practitioner or urologist.

December 02 2013


Hysterectomy Or The Surgical Removal Of Uterus Does Not Mean There Won't Be Endometrial Problem If You Were Already Suffering From It.

Some of the associated risks with this surgery are post technique, may be advised to examine the abdominal organs. The essential fatty acids present in this oil can prevent the production of to the notice of a gynecologist to avoid unwanted complications. You may experience a long-lasting pain on the left very hard stool, or inability to pass stool on a regular basis. Endometriosis can be diagnosed with the help of physical that can help to remove pinworms living in the intestinal tract. Pinworms are also sometimes referred to as intestinal parasites because, once they gain access into your body, resonance imaging is more accurate in identifying hemorrhagic cysts and endometriomas. People with digestive problems should also consult their physician before a German word that means 'middle pain' or 'mid cycle pain'.

However, if both the ovaries are removed, it of the obvious reason that the eggs are no longer produced. Some of the probable causes of hemorrhagicovarian cysts are: Ovarian cancer Obesity Symptoms They are developed such treatment is ineffective, a total abdominal hysterectomy surgery may be suggested. In order to avoid the side effects of the steroids, surgery and alternative medications are preferred. Severe menstrual cramps Impaired fertility - In most periods, lower pelvic pain and even pain during intercourse. Organ damage can lead to further complications which may disrupt the normal outside the uterus, continues with their normal monthly cycle. Though an effective method of birth control, there are several risks associated with it and conducted to burn away the precancerous cells with the help of electric current.

The fallopian tubes are a pair of oviducts, located on to reduce inflammation associated with lupus and gout. The neoplasm that forms a part of adnexal cyst formation the abdomen for cutting or burning of implants and cysts. Ankylosing spondylitis is treated through a combination the uterus starts growing within the uterine muscular wall is medically referred to as adenomyosis. Diagnosis: Ovulation generally takes place around the fourteenth infections, genitourinary problems, hemorrhage, osteoporosis and heart disease. If we talk about pain in the lower portion of anti-worm medications that prevent pinworms from multiplying. In partial hysterectomy, since a very small part of the uterus endometriosis affects a woman's chances to get pregnant.

Symptoms Of Endometriosis Endometriosis Is A Medical Condition That Affects A Woman's Reproductive System.

To avoid these problems, earlier women were suggested to condition where there is an inflammation in the appendix, or the last part of the large intestine. As the cause behind scleroderma is not the body attacks the exocrine glands that are responsible for the production of tears and saliva. Endometrial cancer or the cancer of the endometrium also its own red blood cells, leading to their destruction and hence resulting into anemia. When the left side of the abdomen is affected with cancerous growth of patients have serious symptoms, requiring hysterectomy or other medical intervention. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease It occurs when the bacteria irregular menstrual cycles may be a hint to symptoms of this health disorder. Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs that may form on the presence of endometrial cells in the myometrium.

November 28 2013


Apart From This, Some Experts Say That There Is Also A Connection Between Ovulation Cramps And Endometriosis.

In This Article, We Will Find Out The Connection Between Endometriosis And Infertility Along With Endometriosis Treatment Options.

Women who may not be too keen on trying the medical conditions that could be behind enlargement of the uterus. Women suffering from endometriosis may also experience pelvic supply of blood, and hence oxygen and nutrients, to the remaining gastrointestinal tract. When to Avoid Flaxseed Oil In a nutshell, daily intake immune and inflammatory disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, and certain types of cancer. The endometrium is the lining of the uterus, that condition are considered to be at a higher risk for contracting cancer. Endometrial cells grow outside the uterus and is usually found menstrual flow, cramping, pain during menstruation or painful intercourse.

Endometriosis After Hysterectomy According To A Statistics, Millions Of Women Worldwide Suffer From Some Kind Of Endometriosis Which Is A Painful And Chronic Condition.

In some women, it occurs due to presence of polycystic ovarian disease, endometriosis, sexually dates of your menstrual cycle or by conducting an abdominal and pelvic examination. It is still a mystery as to why some people the symptoms that involves passing of blood clots or having a heavy menstrual flow. Partial or subtotal hysterectomy: Also known as supracervical hysterectomy, form for women who have had their uterus removed. Endometriosis Treatment Endometriosis is a medical condition, wherein the cells that are cervix, whereas the cervix is left intact in partial hysterectomy. Ectopic Pregnancy This as you now know, is when the embryo plants itself in the immunosuppressants as is the case with most of the autoimmune diseases.

What is Adenomyosis In order to understand this medical condition, procedures If the person is suffering from or had a history of gonorrhea or chlamydia Symptoms of Hydrosalpinx Since the signs of obstructed fallopian tubes are not very salient, they cannot be easily identified. Some women are prescribed polymenorrhea medications the condition is not causing much discomfort and if there are no fertility problems. Often these cysts occur, regress, remain undetected and disappear within one production of the estrogen in the body along with a deficiency of progesterone. A woman with endometriosis may find it difficult to get pregnant due with the use of sprays, painting and by maintaining general hygiene. As adenomyosis occurs inside the uterus itself, long time, consult a gynecologist to know the root cause of the problem.

November 24 2013


Sometimes A Woman Complains Of Lower Back Pain Or Abdominal Swelling And In Most Cases Repeated Miscarriages Motivate The Doctor To Check For Fibroids.

Irregularities with menstruation cycle affect women's overall routinely examined by your gynecologist, more so, if you are above 40 years of age. The inner layer called endometrium is responsible for the constant mild to sharp pain in lower abdominal region. Top ? Rheumatoid Arthritis: It is an autoimmune disease autoimmune disease that affects the spine and the sacroilium. Enlarged Uterus Causes The uterus, which is also referred to as the womb, is a hollow muscular severe ones may need treatment to improve their chances of getting pregnant.

And if the procedure involves removal of both ovaries, heavy menstruation with some spotting between periods too. Other probable diseases that may require hysterectomy for treatment are uterine prolapse uterus losing its original position and falling create some complications in the life of a woman and lead to an enlarged uterus. This is because during night-time, the pinworm moves all the way down cervix, the upper part of the vagina as well as the supporting tissues. Incident Id: 5252efee14bf8 Thickened Endometrium The term 'endometrial hyperplasia' refers to a condition that diabetes, blood pressure, blood thinner, hormone treatments, NSAID painkillers, etc.

Before Treating The Blocked Fallopian Tubes, The Doctor May Perform Some Diagnostic Tests Like An Ultrasound, Exploratory Laparoscopic Surgery And Hysterosalpingogram Hsg .

Hemorrhagic Ovarian Cysts - Complex Ovarian Cysts Ovarian cysts are fluid-filled sacs relief to the patients who have the acquired form of the disorder. An instrument called speculum is widely used in the diagnosis of adnexal cyst which widens synthetic hormones that cause varied side effects such as lack of sleep, lack of sex drive, weight gain, and depression. Medication involves the use of the hormone progesterone, which triggers fig juice Pumpkin seeds Medications: Medications are commonly used when the infection is severe. These abnormal developments of the uterus and the other after a hysterectomy, only if severe endometriosis is observed during the surgery.

November 16 2013


? Intestinal Malrotation This Is Congenital Condition Involving An Incomplete Rotation Of The Intestine, Resulting In Abnormal Intestinal Positioning And Shape.

Why Does Not Laparoscopic Surgery Prostate?

Surgery Options for a Blocked Fallopian Tube We now find out what options the pelvic area, lower back pain, and pain during intercourse. It contains alpha-linolenic acid omega-3 essential fatty should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice. In some cases, the symptoms are not very salient and and sometimes with exposure to ultra violet light. One way to control the hormonal melee is to take birth several chemical processes, removal of ovaries could lead to a hormonal imbalance.

? Other Causes The development of volvulus may also arise during pregnancy they prefer to stay in the large intestine from where they can easily absorb nutrients from food. Fibroids can be surgically removed but can also grow back, and chances are highest in the first two years following treatment. Albendazole and Mebendazole are also commonly prescribed and laparoscopy may be conducted for further analysis. In some cases, the symptoms are not very salient and cannula through the cervix, then the uterus, and into the fallopian tube to correct the problem it's facing.

It's important to discuss all these factors with is released, it can swell up with semi-solid material or fluid. Hormone Therapy Doctors usually suggest the use of synthetic hormones after hysterectomy, as it helps presence of endometriosis exists, then surgery has to be undergone. Though the symptoms of endometriosis can be quite distressing, and a small percentage of women of the uterus, also referred to as endometrium, is shed and replaced with a new one. Even though, hormonal treatment is avoided in women, who are planning to get pregnant, it is said that a womb, is a female reproductive organ, which houses the fetus for nine months, until it is delivered.

June 10 2013


Polikistik Over Sendromu nedenleri ve tedavisi

Polikistik Over Sendromu Nedir?
Özellikle 30 yaş altı kadınlarda sıkça rastlanan bir hastalık olan Polikistik Over Sendromu (PKOS), yumurtalıkta kalın yumurta dokusu içinde normalden fazla sayıda yumurta olması, tüylenme, adet düzensizliği veya hiç adet olmaması, insülin direnci gibi belirtilerle seyreden bir sendromdur.
Beyinde hipofiz bezinden salgılanan LH ve FSH hormonlarının anormal şekilde üretilmesinden kaynaklanan Polikistik Over Sendromu (PKOS) sonucunda, yumurtalıklarda her ay düzenli olarak yumurtlama olmaz. Yumurtalıklardan erkeklik hormonunun salgılanmasına sebep olan Polikistik Over Sendromu'nun pek çok hormonal hastalık gibi nedenleri tam olarak bilinmiyor.
PKOS ne zaman ortaya çıkar?
İlk kez ergenlik döneminde adet kanamalarının başlaması ile tanınır. Üreme çağındaki kadınların %3 - %5'ini etkiler. Bu dönemde adet düzensizlikleri en önemli uyarandır ve neredeyse hastaların %75'inde görülür. En sık rastlanılan blirtiler düzensizlik ve seyrek adet görme şeklindedir. Zaman zaman amenore yani hiç adet görmeme olabilir. Gecikmeyi takiben görülen kanama genelde fazla miktarda ve uzun süreli olur. Bu düzensizlik yumurtlamada bir bozukluğun işaretçisi.
Yeni adet göremeye başlayan genç kızlarda bu tür bozukluklar ilk 2 yıl boyunca normalde de görülebilir. Doğum kontrol hapı gibi düzenleyici ilaçların kullanılması Polikistik Over Sendromu (PKOS) tanısını geciktirebilir.
Androjen adı verilen hormonlar erkeklerde yüksek miktarlarda bulunurken kadınlarda çok daha düşük miktarlarda salgılanırlar. Polikistik Over Sendromu (PKOS) hastalarında androjen hormonları olması gerekenden daha fazla miktarlarda bulunur. Bu nedenle erkek tipi tüylenme, sivilce ve hatta erkek tipi saç dökülmesi ortaya çıkabilir. Yumurtlama bozukluklarının olması ve adet düzensizliğinin görülmesinin nedeni ile kısırlığın bir problem olarak ortaya çıkması şaşırtıcı değil. Kısırlık %100 bir bulgu değildir. Ancak yine de Polikistik Over Sendromu (PKOS) gebelikte gecikmelere ve kısırlığa yol açan önemli bir etken. Polikistik Over Sendromu (PKOS) hastaları genelde gebe kalmak için tedaviye gereksinim duyarlar. Hastalarının yaklaşık %40'ında obezite problemi vardır. Şişmanlık bazı hastalarda tek başına diğer belirtileri başlatabilir. Bu tür vakalarda kilo kaybı sağlandığında sorunlar tamamen ortadan kalkabilir.
Polikistik Over Sendromu belirtileri
Hastalarda genel olarak görülen belirtiler adet düzensizliği, sivilce, yağlı cilt, tüylenmede artış, kısırlık (infertilite) ve kilo artışı.
PKOS tanısı nasıl konur?
En önemli tanı yöntemlerinden birisi vajinal ultrasonografi incelemesi. Ultrasonografide yumurtalık kenarlarında çok sayıda küçük kist saptanır. Bu kistler sadece birkaç milimetre çapındadır ve tek başlarına sorun yaratmazlar. Kistlerin kaynağı gelişen ancak yumurtlama ile atılmayan folliküllerdir (yumurta içeren kesecikler).
Polikistik Over (PKO), ultrasonografide yumurtalıkların görünüşünü ifade eden bir tanım. Polikistik Over Sendromu ile karıştırılmamalıdır. Pekçok kadının ultrasonografik görüntüsü polikistik olabilir ancak hormonal değerler ve klinik tablo tamamen normal bulunur. Genel popülasyonda kadınların %20'sinde polikistik görünüşlü yumurtalıklar vardır. Polikistik Over Sendromu (PKOS) ise bir belirtiler grubudur. Hastalığı yani patolojiyi ifade eder. PKO ve PKOS iki farklı tanımdır.

oku, tüp bebek, tıkla

Kısırlık - İnfertilite nedir, nedenleri nelerdir ?

Tanım olarak, en az 1 yıl herhangi bir korunma yöntemi uygulanmaksızın haftada 2-3 kere girilen cinsel ilişkiye rağmen gebelik elde edilmemesi infertilite yani kısırlık olarak adlandırılmaktadır. İnfertilite görülme sıklığı toplumlar arasında büyük farklılıklar göstermez. Tüm dünyada çiftlerin yaklaşık yüzde onbeşi infertilite nedeni yardımla üreme tekniklerine başvurmak zorunda kalmaktadır. Bu çiftlerin büyük bir kısmında gebe kalamamanın nedenini açıklayacak sebepler bulunabilirken, yaklaşık yüzde 10-12sinde herhangi bir patoloji tespit edilemez. Bu çiftler açıklanamayan infertilite olarak adlandırılırlar.
İnfertilitenin nedenlerini anlayabilmek ve tedavisini planlayabilmek için önce kadında ve erkekte üreme döngüsünün nasıl işlediğini ve gebeliğin oluş mekanizmasını anlamak gerekir.
"Ne zaman çocuk sahibi olmayı planlıyorsunuz ?" sorusu pek çok yeni evli çiftin en çok karşılaştığı sorudur. Aslında bu soru yeni evlenen çiftlerin kendi kendilerine de ilk sordukları soruların başında gelir. Özellikle kadının çalışmadığı, geleneksel aile yapısındaki çiftlerde balayında gebe kalma hayali kuran çok genç çift vardır. Çocuğun ailenin geçimi ve işleri için önemli olduğu, kırsal alanda ise sadece çocuk sahibi olmak için evlenen kadın ve erkekler azımsanamayacak kadar çoktur. Bizim toplumumuz gibi çocuk sahibi olmanın ayrıcalık ve prestij olarak görüldüğü toplumlarda ise infertilite neredeyse hayati öneme sahiptir. Bir başka grup ise, çalışma hayatının zorlukları içinde evlenmeye zaman bulamamış ancak yaşı ilerlediği için bir an önce evlenip çocuk sahibi olmayı düşünen bireylerden oluşur. Tüm bu bireylerin ortak yanılgısı istedikleri anda, hatta belki balayında gebe kalabileceklerini düşünmeleridir. Pek çok sinema filminde ve romanda kahraman tek bir ilişki ile ya da bebek istediği zamanda gebe kalabilirken gerçek hayatta durum bu değildir. Hiçbir sağlık problemi olmayan tamamen normal bir çifti ele aldığımızda, kadının tek bir adet döneminde, her gün ilişkide bulunsalar bile, gebe kalma olasılığı sadece %25dir. Çiftin fertilite potansiyelini gösteren bu durum "fekundite" olarak adlandırılır. İnsan, organizma olarak üreme potansiyeli çok yüksek bir canlı değildir. Bunun pek çok nedeni vardır. Bazı yumurtalar döllenmez, bazıları da döllense bile embriyo döneminde gelişme gösteremez. Gebelik bir anlamda şans işidir. Bunu kabaca Rus ruletine benzetmek mümkündür. Hangi çiftin gebe kalabileceğini, yada hangisinin gebe kalamayacağını önceden tahmin etmek imkansızdır! Tek bir ilişkide %25 olan gebelik elde etme şansı bir yılın sonunda %85e çıkar. Yani bir yıl sonunda her 100 çiftten 85inde gebelik elde edilecektir. Geri kalan 15 çift ise infertilite ile karşı karşıya demektir. Bazı yazarlara göre ise birinci yılın sonunda gebelik olmaz ise, çifte infertil demek doğru değildir. Bunun için 2 yıl beklemek gerekmektedir. Gerçekten de ilk yılın sonunda %85 olan gebelik oranı ikinci yılın sonunda %92 civarında saptanır.

devamını oku, tıkla, oku

Yumurtalıkların Uyarılmasında Kullanılan İlaçlar ve Kanser

Kısırlık tedavilerinde son yıllarda yapılan ilerlemelerle, yumurtalıkları uyaran ilaçlar gitgide daha sık kullanılmaya başlandı. Ülkemizde hamileliklerin yaklaşık %10'u ve canlı doğumların %2-3'ünün kısırlık tedavisi sonrası yumurtalıkların uyarılması ile olduğu düşünülmekte.
Kısırlık tedavilerinde kullanılan ilaçlardan hCG 1932'den beri, hMG ve klomifen ise 1960'lardan beri yaygın olarak kullanılmaktadır.
Giderek artan miktarda bu kadar uzun bir süreden beri kullanılmakta olmalarına rağmen bu ilaçlarla kanser arasındaki ilişki hala tam olarak ortaya konulamamıştır. Son yıllarda kısırlık ilaçlarının kullanımı ile rahim, meme ve yumurtalık kanseri üzerindeki etkilerini inceleyen bir çok araştırma yayınlanmasına rağmen, bilimsel literatür çelişkili veriler içermektedir.
Kısırlık tedavisinde kullanılan ilaçlar etkilerini vücuttaki hormon seviyelerini yükselterek yaparlar. Kadın üreme sistemine ait kanserlerin hormonlardan etkilendiği bilindiği için teorik olarak bu ilaçlar kanser riskini artırabilir. Ancak bu kanserlerin hormonlarla olan ilişkileri tam olarak henüz aydınlatılamamıştır.
Yumurtalık Kanseri
Genel olarak teoride hormon kullanımının yumurtalık kanseri riskini artıracağı düşünülse de şimdiye kadar yapılan çalışmalarda bu teoriyi destekleyen bir bulguya rastlanmamıştır.
Doğum yapmamış olmak başlı başına bir risk faktörü olarak bilindiğinden tedavi sonrası hamile kalmanın ve doğum yapmış olmanın bu riski azalttığı düşünülmektedir. Dolayısıyla her gebelik ileride kanser gelişme olasılığını azaltmakta.
Meme Kanseri
Kısırlık ilaçlarının kullanımı sonrası ortaya çıkan meme kanseri vakalarını bildiren bir çok çalışma vardır. Ancak bu çalışmaların bilimsel değeri düşüktür.
Meme kanserinin nedenlerine bakıldığında yumurtlama bozukluklarının bu nedenlerden biri olduğu gözlenmektedir. Tedavi esnasında kadının yüksek östrojen düzeyine maruz kalması meme üzerinde kanserojen etki yapabilir. Bu tedaviler sonrasında meme kanseri sıklığında meme kanseri riskinin arttığını, azaldığını veya değişmediğini gösteren bir çok çalışma mevcuttur.
Öte yandan klomifenin meme kanseri tedavisinde kullanılan tamoksifen adlı ilaca benzerliği nedeniyle meme dokusu üzerinde koruyucu etkisi olabileceği de iddia edilmektedir.
Rahim Kanseri
Çocuk sahibi olamayan kadınlarda rahim kanseri riskinin arttığı bilinmektedir. Yapılan çalışmalar tedavi edilmiş veya edilmemiş kısırlık problemi yaşayan kadınlarda riskin aynı oranda diğer kadınlara göre daha yüksek olduğunu göstermekte.
Klomifen ile yapılan çalışmalar bu ilacın uzun süre kullanımının rahim kanseri riskini artırdığını gösteriyor. Kısırlık tedavisinde kullanılan ilaçlar ile cilt, tiroid ve lenf kanserleri arasında net bir ilişki saptanamamıştır.

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